About Us


Hello! I'm Cheryl and I live in the Welsh Valleys with three very stroppy cats, who love me only for the warmth of the radiator and catnip treats.

How did I end up doing this? I've always been fascinated by small things and 20 years ago I bought a dollhouse and started to make things, including some very badly made fimo cakes and veg. I persevered and got better at making things to the point I started selling on ebay as a way of selling the excess things I had made but didn't have room for in my own displays. 

Over the years I've dipped in and out of crafting, selling and just enjoying my life, then in 2018 I decided to make it a proper business, signed up to etsy, got myself a website and discovered a world of needle minders and stitch markers and everything kind of exploded from there. I still firmly have a passion for miniatures which is why I make the art frames which are more accessible to a wider audience than dollhouse collectors.

I'm always planning and plotting and never have enough time to do everything that I want to do but I wouldn't change anything. I tend to do more on instagram than facebook so you can follow me over there if you want to too. instagram.com/chapelviewcrafts

I work from my home workshop. The correspondence address is:

82 Bryntaf, Aberfan, CF48 4PL